• Aluminum Double Swivel

    Aluminum Double Swivel

    ProClimb's Rescue Swivel aids to eradicate twisting in critical lines due to load rotation and keeps the rope from becoming wrapped. Its sealed double ball bearing allows for a safe and super-smooth swivel action that can be used anywhere from helicopter...

  • Orbitor Swivel Orbitor Swivel

    Orbitor Swivel

    This compact, low profile swivel is ideal for special uses where a smooth form, minimum size and minimum weight are required. Part#: S3 Weight: 3.52 oz (99 gm) Breaking Strength: 26 kN Working load: 5 kN Certification: CE

  • Twist Shackle 3/8"

    Twist Shackle 3/8"

    Twisted shackles are useful for applications with a hookup angular to the shackle. Our twisted shackles are made with type 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance, extending the useful life of the twisted shackles.

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