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Trimmer Trap

  • BB-1-WB Blade Blocker for Walk Behind Mowers

    BB-1-WB Blade Blocker for Walk Behind Mowers

    The first and only discharge baffle designed to maintain compliance by operating in conjunction with the factory installed discharge shield on your mower.   With Blade Blocker on your mower you can quickly open and close the baffle from your seat...

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  • BR-1 Blower Rack

    BR-1 Blower Rack

      Provides absolute security for your backpack blowers.   Simply hang your blower on the hook. The automatic latch with stainless steel spring positively secures the blower. Backrest has holes for attaching an optional stretch cord, and our...

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  • ST-4 STIHL Blower Rack for BR 600 & BR 700

    ST-4 STIHL Blower Rack for BR 600 & BR 700

    The ST-4 is the only rack designed specifically for the newer style STIHL BR 600 & 700 Series blowers with a black leaf grate on the bottom. Simply set your blower on the lower posts and pivot the top toward the rack, allowing the "sliding lip" to,...

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  • TT-2 Pro-4 Trimmer Rack

    The patented TT-2 Pro 4 is unquestionably the world's finest, fastest, and most secure trimmer rack. Whether you choose the TT-2 "Original" (holds 3) or the "TT-2 Pro 4" (holds 4) you will have peace of mind knowing your trimmers are protected from theft...

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